This is a one-off original experimental piece from artists Lissy and Rudi. 

Based on one of Lissy and Rudi's popular pieces from their first joint exhibition ‘Sweet Jungle Of Mine’. Mind That Māori was made at the time Ihumaatao was being occupied with police presence and there was a lot of racism in the NZ media. Lissy spotted someone wearing a Mind That Child hi-vis vest and felt inspired by the thought that if you swap out the word 'child' for 'Māori', it could the same thing. You must watch out for us, we are vulnerable, we are precious, and we need to be protected. It is saying we are here and we are not going anywhere. We are to be celebrated.

This is a beautifully crafted neon orange square with the words ‘Mind That Māori’ layered on top, the square is then enveloped in a resin setting. Proving a robust stature to showcase this work. 

Mind That Māori